Child Protection Policy

The safety of children and vulnerable adults is paramount and all, without exception, have the right to protection from abuse. All suspicions and allegations of abuse will be taken seriously and responded to quickly and appropriately. All committee members, consultants, teachers and volunteers have a responsibility to report concerns to the Secretary.

Purpose and Function of the Festival
The aim of Burton upon Trent Competitive Vocal Festival is to provide a platform for amateur singers to perform and receive a professional adjudication on their performance. The Festival aims to give the general public an opportunity to enjoy the talents of competitors and to appreciate performances of song in a festival environment.

Festival Environment
The Festival is organised by the Committee with assistance from professional teachers and consultants for the programme, volunteers, accompanists and adjudicators, to provide a safe envi ronment for all competing children as far as is reasonably practical.
Application of Policy The policy relates to children under the age of 18 years and vulnerable adults of any age, who are identified to the organisers prior to their arrival at the festival. This should be done by noti fying the officer named at the foot of the policy. The Festival actively seeks to meet the needs notified by parents, guardians, carers and teachers. All Festival personnel are informed as to whom they should direct children and vulnerable adults with any concerns.

Festival Personnel
All festival personnel can be identified by the badges provided by the Festival. Anyone wearing a badge may be approached in case of a problem. They will report this to someone who will be able to help. The Chairman is in overall charge and may be contacted via the entry table staff. The committee holds contact details for all personnel. Where anyone is working with children or vulnerable adults on a one-to-one basis a reference or DBS declaration will be provided.

Preparation for attendance at the Festival
If parents, guardians or carers do not personally attend with their children, we draw attention to all aspects of this Child Protection Policy and require them to be satisfied that their children will be accompanied to the Festival and adequately supervised by a responsible adult acting on their behalf.

Performance and Changing areas
This Festival does not offer changing facilities or designated practice areas. Toilet areas are considered to be public areas and are not subject to supervision.

Photographs, Video Recording and Press Photography 

Video recording, sound recording and photography of any kind are prohibited at all times during the Festival. Photographers may be invited from the local press in order to publicise and promote the Festival. It is hoped that anyone invited to appear in these photographs will be happy to comply. Parents who do not wish their children to be photographed should inform a member of the committee. All invited photographers will be working to a code of conduct as set out by their employer and notified to the Festival Chair. Independent photographers will provide evidence of DBS disclosure.

Legislation Supporting this Policy
The Rehabilitation of Offenders Act 1974, The Children Act 1989, The Police Act 1997, The Data Protection Act 1998, The Human Rights Act 1998, The Protection of Children Act 1999, The Criminal Justice and Court Services Act 2000, The Children Act 2004, The Protection of Vulnerable Groups Act 2006.

A copy of the Child Protection Policy can be downloaded here.

A copy of the BIFF Child Protection Policy statement can be downloaded here.