About Us

Burton-upon-Trent Competitive Music Festival is a Member of the British and International Federation of Music, Dance, and Speech.

  • President: Coral Gould MBE
  • Vice President: John Gould
  • Chairman: Sharon Plummer L.L.C.M
  • Vice-Chairman: Patricia Thorpe
  • Treasurer: Chris Moss
  • Federation Files Secretary – Anne Andrews
  • Entries Secretary Vacant
  • Trophies Secretary – Patricia Thorpe
  • Stewards Secretary – Jean Edwards
  • Publicity Secretary – Sian Plummer
  • Associate Members – Robert Adcock, Carol Brittle Khan, Christine Eales, Katie Robb

We thank everyone involved for their continued assistance thus ensuring the continuity of the Festival

Grateful thanks to our financial sponsors:

To Societies – The Mellow Dramatics, The Burton Musical Theatre Company, The Little Theatre Company, JASS and Friday’s Friends.

To business directors – Alice Rose Bridal, Edwards Electrical, Excel Music School, Murray’s Funeral Directors and Stage Screen

To personal supporters – Robert Adcock, Carol Brittle Khan, David and Christine Eales, Jean Edwards, Rachel Gilman, Keith Gould, John Gould and Coral Gould MBE, Julie Hair, Margaret Jolland, Nick Lawrence, Denis Mansfield, Mike Mear, Edward Moore, Caroline Owen, Sharon Plummer, Patricia Pryce-Jones, Kate & Brian Robb, Cathryn Robinson, Mike and Karen Thompson, Edd Thorpe and Patricia Thorpe